The TOPCAT K1 is the flagship of the TOPCAT fleet. The 18 foot catamaran is one of the fastest catamarans without daggerboards in the world and always responds reliably, even at top speed. Approved by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), experienced regatta competitors in the TOPCAT K1 class test their sailing skills at world championships around the world.  
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  The TOPCAT K2 can be sailed by up to four persons. For recreational sailing, the Cat is the ideal beginner's boat for the whole family. The high hull design and the steep form offer a lot of buoyancy and guide the K2 safely and reliably through the waves.
Equipped with Pentex sails and a double trapeze, experienced crews test their skills against each other at regattas.
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  Sporty single-handed sailing is the domain of the TOPCAT K3. Single-handed sailing with a reacher and a total sail area of over 30 m2allows the K3 to show its wild side.
The transportation, assembling, and righting after capsizing can be performed by just one person.
Thanks to its high buoyancy values and spaciousness, this model in the TOPCAT series also offers enough space for up to three people.
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  The K4 demonstrates the full potential of the TOPCAT principles: high quality workmanship, an enormous potential for speed, and the easiest handling possible during transport and assembly. Thanks to its buoyancy values and incomparable turning properties, the smallest TOPCAT in the K series is perfectly suited for recreational and holiday sailing or sailing with the family. When equipped with a double trapeze and reacher, the K4 turns into a "fun machine" for young people!  
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  With the TOPCAT Chico, getting started in sailing is child's play! On a Chico, up to three children can learn how to tack, jibe, and all the other manoeuvres the little sailors need to sail safely. After all, learning together is the most fun of all.
The flat underwater hull ensures that the Chico is easy to manoeuvre, even in the tightest spaces. The boom as well as sharp corners and edges have been eliminated on purpose to minimize the risk of injury. Plus, you don't have to be very fussy: with its polyethylene hull, the TOPCAT Chico is built so that it is almost indestructible.
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There are three configurations of all TOPCAT models available: Classic, Streamcut, and Regatta, each of which is designed to meet the needs of sailors from beginners to regatta pros.
TOPCAT Catamarans are fun, fast and save. The simple snap-on design allows the assembly without tools what guarantees a high mobility. Features like the patend rudder-system with it’s protection against running aground, the furling jib or the standard equipped righting line integrated in the front beam have the highest aspects of safety. The hulls with its high volume are unsinkable and the lightweight aluminium mast prevents the TOPCAT from quickly invertimg upside down.

The TOPCAT principle of interchangeable parts ensures that individual replacement parts are compatible and can be replaced economically.

Standards at the traditional German company TOPCAT are the availability and reliability of consulting or training services.