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Assembling in 5 Steps

Thanks to the simple snap-on connection system, the TOPCAT can be assembled and disassembled in a very short time. In just a few steps, the beams are plugged into the TOPCAT hulls and the trampoline is laced into place. On the water, the forces of the rig are used to create an extremely stiff hull/beam connection. Once the mast is installed, mount the rudder system on the fittings on the transom of the hull. Then set either the jib or the gennaker, raise the mainsail, and ship ahoy!

1. Insert the hulls into the front and rear beams

2. Draw in the trampoline and lace it together

3. Attach standing and running fittings (shrouds, bridle wire, halyards and sheets) and erect mast

4. Mount rudder system

5. Set the sails

A complete assembly guide you will get with the purchase of your TOPCAT. Or it can be downloaded here.