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 Topcat History
2019 - Company Move and Opening of the TOPCAT Showroom
In December 2018, the TOPCAT office has already moved to the new office space. In January 2019, the final relocation of the warehouse takes place. From February 2019, the new showroom at Ammersee is to be opened.
2018 - 10th TOPCAT World Championship (Jurmala, Latvia)
 The 10th TOPCAT World Championship takes place in Jurmala, Lettland.
2018 - Start of construction works for the new TOPCAT HQ in Inning
In March 2018 the construction of the new TOPCAT Headquater in the Commercial District of Inning, 40km west of Munich, begins. As early as December 2018 the relocation and the commissioning of the new office take place.
2018 - Launch of the TOPCAT K2X
 The TOPCAT K2X as a successor to the K2 is designed as an Allrounder that can be sailed alone or for up to four people. As with the development of the K4X as well as the K3X the new K2X get CAD and CFD optimized wavepiercer hulls. Wih different sail areas and an optional furling gennaker the boat is an option for almost every sailing area.
2018 - Launch of the TOPCAT K3X
The 16 foot TOPCAT K3X with decksweeper mainsail and gennaker and a total sail area with 33sqm is aimed at single handed sailors with performance and regatta ambitions. Just like the development of the K4X the U-shape of the hulls, the wavepiercer bow as well as the chines have prevailed. The entire hull development was rewarded with an innovation voucher from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. 
2017 - Launch of the TOPCAT K4X
With its advanced design and attractive starting price, the TOPCAT K4X captures the spirit of the modern recreational sailor. Shortly after showcasing at the BOOT 2017 in Dusseldorf, numerous models of the K4X had already been sold. The 15 foot catamaran is the successor of the original TOPCAT F1 / F2.
2016 - 9th TOPCAT World Championship (Croatia)
The 8th TOPCAT World Championship takes place in Biograd Na Muro, Croatia.
2016 - Company relocation in Inning am Ammersee
After 37 years of TOPCAT history in Gilching - 30km west of Munich - the company moves a few kilometers away to Inning am Ammersee. Starting in 2017, the new TOPCAT headquarters will be built in the business park there with showroom, warehouse and office space.
2014 - The TOPCAT K1 R comes on the market
The TOPCAT K1 was updated in close coordination with World Sailing and the International TOPCAT Cass Association. The goal was to give the catamaran a modern design while providing greater safety and easier handling. As an international World Sailing One design class, the design was faced with strict limitations Thus, the unit class was maintained and the earlier and new models take part in regattas together.
2014 - 8th TOPCAT World Championship (Austria)
The 7th TOPCAT World Championship takes place in Neusiedl, Lake Neusiedl, Austria.
2013 - The TOPCAT K4 is presented as a boat for youngsters
The TOPCAT K4, equipped with Pentex sails and gennaker is successfully established as a youth boat in cooperation with the first sailing clubs in Germany.
2012 - Change of management: Change of generations at TOPCAT
Bernd Breymann, the long-standing CEO and company founder, retires after 34 years. His daughter Valery Walden and her husband Pablo Walden take over the management.
2012 - The TOPCAT K4 becomes the successor of the TOPCAT 4.5
Expanded by every variety of configuration, the 4.50 meters catamaran is added to the K-series. The original idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransport on the roof of the car is reinforced.
2011 - 7th TOPCAT World Championship Traunsee (Austria)
The 7th TOPCAT World Championship takes place in the Sailing Club Ebensee at Traunsee.
2009 - 30th anniversary of the company
TOPCAT celebrates its 30th company anniversary. Since the inception of the Class Association, numerous TOPCAT European and World Championships with sailors from various nations have taken place in many countries. With approximately 15,000 catamarans sold, TOPCAT has successfully established itself as one of the few major catamaran manufacturers on the market.
2009 - 6th TOPCAT World Championship (Italy)
The 6th TOPCAT World Championship takes place in Punta Ala, Italy.
2007 - 5th TOPCAT World Championship (Greece)
The 5th TOPCAT World Championship takes place in the Robinson Club Kyllini Beach, Greece.
2005 - 4th TOPCAT World Championship (Italy)
4th TOPCAT World Championship in Circolo Vela Arco in Torbole on Lake Garda
2005 - Launch of the TOPCAT 4.5
As the successor of the original TOPCAT F1, the 4.5 meter long TOPCAT 4.5 comes onto the market. Due to its size, this model is designed especially for transport on the car roof.
2004 - The K1 recognized as a class by the ISAF
The TOPCAT K1 is acknowledged by the International Sailing Federation (present day World Sailing) as a "recognized class" and thereby obtains international status.
In the same year, the TOPCAT Chico is launched. The small children's catamaran is specially designed for teaching children.
2003 - 3rd TOPCAT World Championship (Turkey)
The 3rd TOPCAT World Championship takes place in Sarigerme, Turkey in the Magic Life Hotel.
2001 - 2nd TOPCAT World Championship (Dubai)
The 2nd TOPCAT World Championship takes place in Jebel Ali Sailing Club in Dubai.
2000 - The TOPCAT K3 comes on the market
The 16-foot catamaran still represents the only one-hand regatta class with gennaker.
1998 - Klaus Enzmann leaves the company
Bernd Breymann takes over the company shares of Klaus Enzmann and becomes the sole shareholder of TOPCAT GmbH.
1997 - 1st TOPCAT World Championship (Thailand)
The 1st TOPCAT World Championship takes place in the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Pattaya, Thailand.
1996 - Launch of the TOPCAT K2
The 17-foot catamaran is very popular in the TOPCAT scene. The annual production is already up to 400 - 500 boats.
1994 - Launch of the TOPCAT K1
The result of intensive development and design work is reflected in the progression of the TOPCAT Spitfire model into the TOPCAT K1. The 18-foot catamaran is driven by a newly developed streamcut sail. This no longer resembles a triangle, but rather, looks more like the wing of a plane. In addition, the K1 is operated with a reacher. The logistics of a functioning spare parts supply is the foundation for the international success of the company.
1990 - International expansion and further development of the product range
From the end of the 80s into the early 1990s, the focus was on building up the company and expanding into foreign countries. The goal is to facilitate TOPCAT sailing in many corners of the world. Cooperations are formed with sailing schools and holiday clubs. At the same time, work continues on the product range. The hull and sail design is refined and the material and flow technology know-how is incorporated into the concept.
1986 - The TOPCAT Spitfire comes on the market
TOPCAT adds an 18 foot catamaran to its product range, the TOPCAT Spitfire. This one is longer, has a greater sail area and double trapeze.
1984 - The first catamaran learning guide is published
The first catamaran learning guide is published with the VDS (Association of German Recreational Boating Schools). It is accepted worldwide as the authority on learning catamaran sailing.
1983 - Foundation of the International TOPCAT Class Association
The Class Association grows and gets new members from other countries. This forms the basis for the establishment of the ITCA (International TOPCAT Class Association).
1983 - First TOPCAT European Championship in Brenzone on Lake Garda
Following the creation of the first TOPCAT stations on Lake Garda, the first TOPCAT European Championship takes place in Brenzone with the participation of 44 boats from five different countries.
1981 - First export orders
First export orders to many Mediterranean countries as well as Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, the Maldives and Kenya give TOPCAT an international boost. First large orders from the tourism industry follow.
1980 - Foundation of the German Class Association
The first TOPCAT regattas take place in Germany.
1980 - Annual production is doubled
With 111 boats, annual production is doubled.
1979 - Formation of the TOPCAT GmbH
After 2 years of preparation, Breymann and Enzmann jointly found TOPCAT GmbH for water sports products and travel in Gilching near Munich. The yearly production grows to 56 TOPCAT catamarans in the first year - and a passion becomes a profession.
1977 - First TOPCAT prototype
Everything started in a small workshop below the monastery of Andechs in Bavaria: TOPCAT grew out of a passion. The two ambitious sailors Bernd Breymann and Klaus Enzmannn construct their first keelless catamaran.